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Positioning Yourself As An Expert – How To Get Rid Of Content You Don’t Want

One of the best strategies to position yourself as an expert is to control page 1 of Google when someone searches your name online. It’s human nature to find ‘dirt’ on someone to see if you’re real or not. That’s why they turn to Google and search your name.

3 Steps To Position Yourself As An Expert In Your Niche

Positioning yourself as an expert is one of the most important things you must do for your business. People want to learn from experts and people want to buy from experts. So if you’re not an expert yet or you’re just starting out in an industry or niche, how do you position yourself as an expert.

Positioning Yourself As An Expert – The Psychology Behind Being An Expert

If I’m looking for information online, generally I look for an expert in that particular industry or niche. I mean, if I were to need a heart surgery, would I want a doctor who has over 20 years of experience doing heart surgeries or would I want the person who read ‘heart surgery for beginners’ 30 minutes ago. I know that’s an extreme example, but is it really?

Communicating to Your Target Market Makes a Huge Difference in Profits

You must never underrate the value of communicating to your target market to have a successful business online. The internet is a proven profit maker and it is no secret that the effective communication creates sales.

Attraction Marketing: The Better Approach to Lead Generation

Before, people in network marketing used a technique taught by their uplines: “List down the names of all your friends and present the business to all of them.” So they would call them one by one and set a meeting.

Don’t Ignore the Bounce Rate Stats

It is important to know how much traffic comes to your website and how it gets there. However, it’s easy to get caught up in those numbers and forget about other aspects of tracking marketing results.

What Is a Landing Page on a Website Used For?

Many times when a website is not generating enough sales it isn’t because of the product. The fault usually lies in the presentation. A homepage, the normal entry point for visitors, offers far too many options. What is needed is a specific type of sales pages that is focused and targeted to one product or idea.

Social Media Dashboards

This article speaks about how the social media networks have taken the world over by a storm, producing a great platform for companies to use them to market themselves. Since there are so many networks hence many profiles, so in order to manage them in an organized and efficient manner, social media dashboards have been developed.

What Are LSI Keywords?

One of the most overlooked aspects of optimizing content is the use of semantically related keywords. Semantically related keywords, or LSI keywords, are what search engines use to help categorized your content. This article explains how they help your content get properly indexed and ranked for your primary keyword.

If You Lost Your Job Could You Make Money Online Fast?

The prospect of losing your job may drive you to search for a way to make money online fast. In today’s economy having an extra income stream is almost a necessity. You need more than one income to make ends meet.

What Can A Political Advertising Agency Offer You And You Campaign?

There are many reasons you and your campaign will need a company like this to help you get ahead of your competition and in the end win! Now a days it is just not traditional marketing you need a amazing web presence as well. This is where a political advertising agency will come in to play.

The Importance of Press Releases: Back to Advertising Basics!

Sometimes the simplest approach to online advertising is the best and this is why we recommend that you focus your attention on sending out regular press releases in order to spread the word about company developments and company products, even if your business is relatively small and locally based. In fact, the use of an effective press release, whatever the size of your company, should be considered fundamental as it is still one of the best ways to generate interest in your company with journalists and one of the best ways of using link bait to your advantage too…

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