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5 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online Without a Website

When it comes to making money online, most people believe that having a website of your own is a must. While setting up your own site or blog can help you generate more sales, you can offer your services and make a living on the Internet without a website.

For Book Publishers Wading Through the Alphabet Soup: Decoding the ISBN, LCCN, Bar Code and More

As a book cover and interior designer, I often receive manuscripts from clients and prospects missing portions of or the entire content of the copyright page. This is the most important page in your book. It contains language that protects your intellectual property; it has your copyright date, publishing company contact information, ISBN number and LCCN number.

Angel Investors to the Rescue

In the US alone, the average internal rate of return on investment funding from angel funding is 29%, assuming diversification and time frames of five to seven years. Although South Africa is still a few years behind the US and Europe, it probably has the most developed angel investor culture in Africa with the total value of known local deals for start-up striking about R 100 million over the past 10 years. This is according to Mike Lebus founder of Angel Investment Network.

How To Make Money Online: A Guide For Writers

Becoming a successful web-writer/webmaster today is much different than the traditional world of writing print. To make money online as a writer requires independence, not employment. Gone are the days of query letters and competing for jobs.

Discover the Holy Grail Which Helps You to Become a Millionaire

Becoming a millionaire doesn’t happen all at once. Of course, it entails some serious toils, dedication, hard work and tons of discipline. You cannot also become a millionaire overnight in just a snap of your fingers. For years, entrepreneurs keep searching for the Holy Grail which they think would help them become a millionaire. The truth of the matter is that there could be no thing as such. Instead, they could learn some straightforward life disciplines that would help them become a millionaire. Here are some nifty ways that would be valuable in helping you become a millionaire. True enough these may sound easy not until you start applying it to the way you deal with your finances.

Millionaire Offers Help for You to Become a Millionaire

Have you been working hard for that past 10 years and yet you still haven’t reached the millionaire status? It is no surprise why a lot of people like you have been working hard but still do not even reach the million mark in their career. Well, you may have probably been in the wrong side of the boat for the longest time which is why you still haven’t reached your goal in becoming a millionaire. I am here to help you achieve that dream of course with the help of other people who have become millionaires.

Google Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

Google is mostly known as a search engine, but there are a few tools in the Google Toolbox that can help a small business person grow their business. This article list them with a description of how they work and what they do to make doing online marketing easier.

How To Choose The Best Internet Marketing Course

Does your current business needs some twist with its current system? Try enrolling to an Internet business course to learn new effective methods on how to properly introduce your business to the online community.

5 Keys to Successful Internet Monetization for Profit

Monetizing your internet assets is critical if you want to maximize your online income and profits. In this article we discuss monetization methods and implementing them effectively.

Printing Options for Your Self-Published Book

So you’ve finished writing your manuscript. You’ve hired an editor to edit your book and a designer to create the cover and lay out your interior. Now you’re ready to print your book. Your choices are to have it printed conventionally or print on demand (POD). Before you can make your printing choice, you need to decide if you want someone to handle the printing process for you, or to deal directly with the printer.

Sell Your Service To Make Easy Money Online

No matter what kind of service you offer even if it is something you can not actually provide online. You must have a presence on the Internet to allow you to make easy money online and to get customers into the front door of your local brick and mortar business.

How to Create a Successful Email Marketing Strategy

The article explains how to create a successful Email marketing strategy. The target audience for this article is small to medium business owners.

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