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How to Navigate the Internet Marketing Map

Despite what a lot of people say, social media isn’t the be-all and end-all of your on-line presence. Instead, focus on a good Web site, tools to demonstrate your authority, and then use social media for building your reputation.

What Google Wants You to Do On Your Web Site

Google recently released a list of 23 guidelines for Web site owners, to help them build Google-friendly Web pages. These aren’t Google’s exact rules (which would be too complex to explain anyway), but they are probably the most specific guidelines Google has ever given to Web site owners.

15 Easy Ways to Improve Your Web Site

If you’re a business owner offering any sort of service, there are 15 basic things you must have on your Web site. These are not the only things you could have, but it’s the bare minimum. If you already have a Web site, there’s a good chance you’re doing some – maybe even all – these things. But a Web site is like an untended garden; it tends to get untidy and unkempt after a while. So I’ll give you 15 things you can do to improve your Web site. None of these take much time (half an hour at most, and often just 5 or 15 minutes), but they can make a big difference.

It’s Amateur Hour on the Internet

The world is full of smart, savvy passionate people who want to share that passion with the world – and can, thanks to the Internet. And, if you’re not careful, they’ll be crowding you out!

3 Tips to Internet Marketing Even If It’s Not Your Cup of Tea

On the surface, starting an internet-based business may seem like a dream come true. A business owner can start a business out of her home, selling her products and services everywhere and anywhere in the world without big marketing budgets or lots of advertising. However, once she puts up her first web site, that dream often comes crashing down – it’s not nearly as easy as it first looks. This article reveals 3 tips for internet marketing – successfully.

Help Them Buy Without Being Pushy

You can’t pressure your Web site visitors into buying. They’re not a captive audience, so you have to grab their attention quickly, and then keep it with real value, not sales hype. Rather than trying to manipulate, cajole, browbeat or force them to buy, create “buying frames” that explain the reasons for them to buy.

Social Media Gets Their Attention – Your Web Site Gets The Sale

After all the fuss with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media platforms over the last couple of years, it’s interesting to see that the humble Web site is making a comeback. Why? Because business owners realize their Web site is their most powerful lead conversion tool. You might use other things for lead generation – in other words, getting traffic to your Web site – but it’s your Web site that converts them from “just looking” to “ready to do business”.

10 Online Marketing Ideas All Small Businesses Should Do Now

Must read for all small to medium sized business owners. This article is designed to give 10 brilliant ideas that company owners can implement immediately and dramatically boost leads and sales from their online marketing activity.

Your Logo And Online Marketing Via Social Media

Believe it or not, when it comes to your online marketing strategy your company logo can play a large role in how successful your campaign is. Social media is one of the biggest avenues of online marketing today – it helps companies learn what their customers like and loathe, as well as being the fastest way to build brand recognition – but how does your logo fit into all this? Think about it – your company logo is something that your existing and potential customers will see on a daily basis (if they consistently use social networking websites), so…

Your Internet Marketing Could Be Boosted With A Cardboard Box

Internet marketers are nothing if not creative. There hardly seems to be a day that goes by without some new idea from an Internet Marketing brainbox.

How to Warm Up a Cold List

Just imagine… You spend several weeks if not months driving traffic to your sites and building your list. For now, you’re letting a long autoresponder series take care of the relationship-building. And so you focus on growing your list (and your business) while all the mailings happen on autopilot.

Affiliate Marketing Tips: Strategy Ideas for Auto-Responders

Auto responders can do a lot to support an affiliate marketing campaign. They can not only deepen and strengthen the engagement from readers, but will also drive traffic and increase income. Today I’m going to share with you some of the successful strategies that I use with my auto-responder emails.

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