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Supplemental Social Security

Supplemental social security is a federal government program that provides income to people that cannot earn any because of a disability. It is funded by general taxes and not social security taxes. People that are very old, blind, or disabled use supplemental social security to pay for basic needs like food, clothing, and housing.

Common Pitfalls in Creating Online Surveys

Written questionnaires, phone interviews, and house visits are things of the past for market research. Thanks to the Internet, online surveys help researches get their information they need in a fast and cost-efficient manner. Online surveys also provide more accurate information, some even real-time. Even data summary and analysis are easier, especially when you use an online survey template.

Why A Sales Funnel Will Work For You

If you are in any type of business situation in which sales is a major aspect of that business, the sales funnel is a useful tool. In fact, the concepts of the sales funnel is so universal and effective that it can be imported over into other business sectors. Through a thorough understanding of the purpose and procedures of the sales funnel mode, you will be able to point out flaws in your work process and make improvements as necessary.

Is a Website a Necessity in Today’s Business Climate?

Even in this day and age, there are many businesses who feel they don’t need a website. Some use the expression, “I just don’t get any business from the internet” and others say that the website they had designed 12 years ago does not pull in enough customers to justify upgrading and renovating the current site. Some feel that the internet just does not have the right feel, “classy” look, or that the net does not appeal to clients who have money to spend on high-end products.

Website Flipping: How to Build and Sell Websites for Big Profits

Website flipping is something that I’ve noticed has been going on for a while now in the hidden corners of online entrepreneurship: Basically what some smart online entrepreneurs are doing is creating niche online businesses, setting up a website for them, getting everything moving… purposely with the intention of selling them off for a profit. In some ways, almost like rearing plants or animals for sale! In this article I’m going to look at how it is done and whether it is something you could make money from.

Spend Money Wisely To Make Money Online – No Doubt! No Tricks!

Although some people start their online businesses on a shoestring budget (very limited or small amount of money to spend on your business), the truth is that you have to spend time and energy to acquire the skills needed to start your online business. What actually do you spend your money on to make money online?

“Ninja Secrets For Success” – How To Make Money Online Fast From Your Online Home Business

There is no way you can make fast money online without clear-cut marketing strategies that work. Therefore you must learn the secret ninja strategies that can turn your online home business into huge success.

How to Find a Niche to Start an Online Business

Starting an online business is very exciting once you’ve chosen a niche you feel passionate about and know it will become profitable. Implement these 7 steps and you’ll be well on your way to building a passive income online.

5 Easy Steps to Successful Internet Marketing

Competition on the internet is stellar and this calls for you as a website owner to incorporate marketing skills that will be fruitful. Because a lot of businesses are similar, you need to come up with ways to surpass your competition. Successful internet marketing requires research, planning and organization. Here are five steps you can implement to help you realize success in internet marketing.

Internet Marketing Success: Myth Vs Reality

There are many different approaches to Internet marketing. But not every approach is successful, and not every approach is actually one that works. There are many myths about Internet marketing success that are not always true or good. This article will explain what is myth and what is reality about Internet marketing strategies.

How Marketers Ensure the Success of a New Product Launch

Nearly every day there is a new product launch for some sort of “digital” product. These launches vary from E-Books on all kinds of subjects to very sophisticated marketing technics that may also include a software product/program. These are mostly launched by a single person or a team of two or more people. It is clear that these product developers cannot individually market to the masses required for a successful product launch. While they may indeed have huge e-mail marketing lists themselves this is simply not enough for true success. Success in a product launch, as in most any successful business venture, relies on other marketers helping out. That is where I, and countless others like me come in.

Successful Internet Marketing Strategies

Many companies have a great idea of marketing – or so they think. They believe that if they market their website out to everyone and get a ton of traffic, they will make a ton of money. Much to the dismay of these people, this ends up not working and the businesses actually close down within a very short amount of time.

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