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About Promotion and the Promotional M’s of Marketing

Since promotion is a major part of marketing, it is important we learn more about promotion. Let’s start with understand what promotion actually means. Linguistically, promotion is a combination of two words which are pro and motion.

A Tip To Earn Extra Income

If you’re looking to earn some extra money you can try your hand at writing a blog or building web sites, but know that it’s a tough field. It can be hard to earn a living that way and not many people have become successful doing so. If you ask those who have made a go of it, they’ll likely tell you that they have succeeded because they either focused on areas with the least amount of competition or that they have discovered ways to put their web sites at the top of search results.

5 Ways to Know What People Think About Your Website

So you have set up a website promoting your products or services, but do you know if your visitors like your site? Do they think your website is helpful enough or are there certain features of your website that isn’t functioning properly? You need to know all this to ensure customer satisfaction and not drive potential customers away. So how do you get feedback for your website?

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